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About Us


About the Clinic

Shepherd's Hope is a Christian medical, dental and health education ministry currently serving the South Midtown area of Little Rock. We have three main priorities through which we hope to serve the community. First, to provide affordable routine healthcare, acute dental care and vision care to uninsured neighborhood residents who may otherwise not have access to quality care. Second, to learn about the life needs of those in our neighborhoods and, along with our partners, provide education or coaching to better equip individuals and families. And finally, to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ without bias to faith preference or affiliation.

Board of Directors

Richard Fish | President

Stephanie Kelley | Secretary

Veeta Biggers | Treasurer

Michelle Shope | Member

Lindy Vogado | Member

Kathy Ransom Member

Paul Bowen Member

David Wardlaw Member

Kirk Leach Member

Sofia Dulanto | Ex-Officio Member (Non-Voting)

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